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Chimney Repairs In Cold Weather: Common Customer Faqs

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Up on the rooftop, your chimney serves the important role of funneling smoke and exhaust fumes out of your home. Whether you use your chimney along with a fireplace or a woodstove, keeping the unit free-flowing and properly functioning is vital. You may come across a problem with your chimney after the weather has turned cold. Here are a few questions prospective customers tend to have about chimney repairs in cold weather. Read More»

3 Things To Try When Your Deep Well Pump Isn't Moving Water

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As a rural homeowner utilizing a deep well pump, it’s easy to be frustrated when it stops moving water to the surface. After all, it’s not like you can simply look at it and figure out what the problem is since the pump is located hundreds of feet below ground inside of your well. Since you can’t see or handle a deep well pump, troubleshooting requires using a process of elimination to figure out why it isn’t working. Read More»